Amsterdam and the Netherlands welcome the return of the World Summit AI for its 5th anniversary

Claims about the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) are numerous and growing. Advances in AI technology are about to spark the next wave of digital disruption.

It also makes it important to stay up to date on different trends, developments and new applications of AI. Conferences like World Summit AI (WSAI) aim to do just that.

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What is World Summit AI (WSAI)?

WSAI is an internationally renowned gathering of the global AI ecosystem comprising business, big tech, startups, investors, and science.

At this summit, the brightest minds in AI are invited to speak every year in Amsterdam and Montreal to tackle AI’s hottest issues and set the global AI agenda .

WSAI is organized by InspiredMinds, a global AI and healthcare technology community with locations in Amsterdam, Montreal and New York. Launched in 2016 by Sarah Porter, InspiredMinds aims to make emerging technologies more inclusive, diverse and accessible to all.

WSAI in Amsterdam

With the Dutch government announcing that from September 25 it is no longer mandatory to keep a distance of 1.5 meters, essentially giving the green light to business events, WSAI is making a physical return to Amsterdam. The edition is also special as it marks the 5th anniversary of WSAI in Amsterdam.

“This is the news that we, our partners and customers, have been waiting for,” said Charlie Cracknell, Managing Director of InspiredMinds.

The summit will also be simultaneously webcast to allow its renowned international audience to join – government leaders, companies, startups and big tech pioneers from around the world.

Anita Nijboer, Ambassador, AI Technology for People, said: “On behalf of AI Technology for People – an Amsterdam coalition of leading knowledge institutions, university hospitals and the municipality of Amsterdam – it is great that we may we meet again. at the AI ​​World Summit in Amsterdam. We are open and ready for business and students and are very happy to host events again.

This year’s summit will also see the combination of three brands – World Summit AI, Intelligent Health AI and the launch of TMinus30 – a new InspiredMinds! Climate Summit and the Future of Food and Agriculture.

StartupAmsterdam, Smart Health Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Municipality CTO Innovation Team and the Amsterdam Convention Bureau are proud to be the city’s official partner and to support this flagship event throughout the three days. The Dutch Foreign Investment Agency and the Dutch AI Coalition have organized an NL fair which will showcase the main Dutch AI initiatives.

InspiredMinds adds, “Bringing people together in a COVID secure event environment at the World Summit AI, Intelligent Health and TMinus30 in October in Amsterdam is a fantastic opportunity for us to reconnect the global AI community, in person, for the first time in many months “.

Amsterdam: “Living lab” for AI solutions

Amsterdam is one of the most AI-ready cities in the world. In fact, it’s on its way to becoming a global leader in AI, with a focus on business innovation, health, and ethics.

According to amsterdam inbusiness, machine learning is already playing an important role in Amsterdam’s industries. Additionally, ongoing collaborations between academic, public, and private organizations are pushing AI into other areas of business and society.

Maarten Sukel, Head of AI, City of Amsterdam, Innovation Team, says: “The vision of the municipality’s innovation department is based on four pillars: 1) Building technology that works for the people of Amsterdam; 2) Stimulate and develop the AI ​​ecosystem to attract global AI talents to come live and work in the city; 3) Use AI to make the world fairer and protect everyone’s digital rights and 4) Make city data open to its citizens.

With top AI talent, academic expertise and a vibrant startup scene, Amsterdam is a well-suited place to test new AI projects for the future. Here are some of the projects the city of Amsterdam is working on:

Object detection kit

ODK is an image recognition kit that allows municipalities to detect different types of objects on the streets and get a real picture of what is happening in the city.

1.5 meter monitor

1.5MM detects the distance between citizens, helping them to comply with Covid regulations.

Panoramic Street View Images

The city of Amsterdam records images of the streets, which contain valuable information about the location and condition of assets in the public space. Panoramic images are collected to add information to 3D models, determine asset condition and map.

3d point cloud

The 3D point cloud, rather than images, provides a 3D model of the entire city to accurately locate assets using LiDar scanners in vehicles. The technology captures the exact location of objects, including their width, depth and height. The data gives information about the streets of Amsterdam, which can be extracted using AI.

Amsterdam for everyone

Amsterdam for All consists of a series of experiments to help measure accessibility in the city.

Touria Meliani, Deputy Mayor of the Digital City, declares: “I support the development of responsible AI. I think this will be important for Amsterdam as a city and for everyone who lives here.

You can find more at

Why is WSAI important for Amsterdam?

WSAI is an important event for Amsterdam as it provides the public with ideal opportunities to further delve into the opportunities and challenges of implementing AI.

The AI ​​Summit will feature two days of breathtaking innovation, lively discussions on AI and ethics, workshops, masterclass sessions, plenary sessions, panel discussions and 121 organized meetings.

The WSAI is a great starting point for budding AI startups to showcase their products and businesses and seek funding. Additionally, experts talk about their actionable ideas that could provide shortcuts that prevent startups from learning things the hard way.

What you can expect from the Dutch AI ecosystem

The World Summit AI Global Summit is known to have the best speakers, workshops and panel discussions where prominent speakers will disseminate their AI knowledge at the event. Check out some of the key sessions hosted by the Dutch AI ecosystem below:

Opening speech by Prince Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau, Techleapnl Special Envoy

HEADLINER: Professor Max Welling, Research Chair, Machine Learning, University of Amsterdam

WORKSHOP: Urban AI in Amsterdam by Maarten Sukel, AI Manager, City of Amsterdam, Daan Bloembergen, AI Researcher, City of Amsterdam, Iva Gornishka, AI Specialist, City of Amsterdam

PANEL DISCUSSION: How to create a coherent AI strategy at the national level. Moderated by Marloes Pomp, International Partnerships Netherlands AI Coalition & Steering Committee European AI Forum

TECH TALK: Dr. Maarten de Rijke, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval, University of Amsterdam

DISCUSSION PANEL: Building an AI ecosystem with NVIDIA, EscherCloud, CTO Office, City of Amsterdam. Moderated by: Oliviana Bailey, Head of Brand & Community, EscherCloud and NL Ambassador for Women in AI

NL LOUNGE: Hosted by the Netherlands Agency for Foreign Investment, the Dutch AI Coalition and regional partners, the show program offers flash conferences on the most important AI innovations on the Dutch scene of AI. Listen to pitches, projects and initiatives from Digi.Bio, Mindaffect, Orikami, Purple Gaze, AIWorX, Zeta Alpha, Kepler Vision, Leiden University, Spectral, TU Delft,, Findest, Legal Air, UbiOps, Bybr, Fruitpunch, University of Amsterdam, Axveco,, Researchable, Digital Sundai, Techleap and more.

Check out the list of 14 Amsterdam startups selected to exhibit at Intelligent Health on October 12 and World Summit AI on October 13 and 14 here.

Work on AI with the city of Amsterdam

Are you a master’s student (AI & Data Science) looking for an opportunity to conduct graduate research on real-life issues? You can view 13 internship positions here.

If you are attending the WSAI this week, attend the workshop hosted by the City of Amsterdam Innovation Team on October 13: Urban AI in Amsterdam. If you are interested in what the city is doing in terms of AI in general and want to get involved, contact the CTO team.

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