Cushiedoos tonic launch in Edinburgh, ‘Buy One Get Two Trees’ offer

Scottish beverage brand Cushiedoos recently announced plans to launch a new initiative that will see them plant two trees for every case sold.

Cushiedoos, an Edinburgh-based company that offers a quinine-free tonic, plans to take an active role in tackling the climate carbon crisis by launching a tree-planting initiative in April.

The company seeks to help commercial customers play a role in the fight against the climate carbon crisis with their “buy 1, get 2 trees” initiative.

Owner and founder Andrew Ligertwood explained that for every 12 bottles of Cushiedoos purchased, the company will plant one tree, meaning two trees will be planted for every 24-bottle case sold to commercial customers through their wholesale suppliers.

Andrew said while continuing to supply beverages remains the main foundation of the business, he now places tree planting at the heart of his business focus to help tackle the global carbon crisis.

Although Cushiedoos as a company is still in its infancy, Andrew went on to explain the decision: “When business conditions were tough for us and our customers, this bigger focus helped us remember that it there is a greater success that we and customers can all focus on.

“This is our way of playing a role in tackling our global climate carbon crisis. It has gone too far not to have this priority for each company as I see it. “

Andrew spoke passionately about his initiative and would like to stress that this is not just a green checkbox exercise.

He sees that while there are many important environmental issues to support, all of this means nothing if we don’t have a planet with a balance of ecosystems on which to live and survive.

Andrew was keen to stress that there must be continuous improvement in all of their operations to ensure the lowest environmental impact.

He added that he understands that many people often feel too small to make a real difference and that is the Cushiedoos a way to help consumers feel that the purchasing choices they make are also good ethical choices for our planet.

He said: “We are still a small business and we hope this will be another key reason why it is good to include Cushiedoos in your purchasing choice.

“For Cushiedoos business customers, it’s a simple message: buy 1, get 2 trees.

“We sell them a case of 24 bottles and, in addition to developing their business and improving its proposition, they also have the opportunity to do good through their business activities.”

Speaking of his desire to do more for the planet with their initiative in partnership with Eden Reforestion Projects, the tree planting will take place in three countries – Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

He explained that these countries have large deforested areas that their Eden Projects partners have set aside for reforestation and reforestation. Of the trees planted, 75 percent will be young mangrove trees.

Andrew added: “Mangroves are really fantastic trees. These tiny gems are ten times more efficient at capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

“They are real heroes of the planet. They not only manage to absorb carbon through their leaves, branches and trunks, but they also store it in their roots and the surrounding soil.

“These mangroves can be planted both on land and in wetlands, which makes them very versatile.

“The encouraging news is that the trees we plant will also continue to produce new seeds and so it is likely that many more trees will grow there.

“The Eden project also helps provide jobs for the poorest communities and other projects such as local education.

“Accredited by Gold Standard, their tree planting guarantees an ethical and sustainable approach to both the climate and the community.”

Although the plan was originally to plant in Scotland, Andrew quickly realized that they could fund the planting of 28 trees in those countries to anyone they could in Scotland.

“This is the biggest impact we can have on carbon capture and given that this is a global problem, I thought I should just keep planting forests now.

“We will of course be looking to plant trees in Scotland as well. Watch this place.

“Cushiedoos can help us offer a much better way to do our part for the planet.

“Not only do you feel better drinking healthier tonic water (herbal and quinine-free), but you can feel better about yourself as you support a company that is trying to make a real change.”

Learn more about the company initiative website.

Cushiedoos aims to be just the tonic of the Scottish gin scene

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