Personal loan applications demonstrate resilience

It may be a by-product of what shouldn’t be named – by which we mean the pandemic – but PYMNTS vendor rankings have been remarkably calm and unwavering throughout 2020, including our last one. Ranking of personal loan application providers, a category of intense interest.

We are not saying that there is absolutely no change, but little enough that we can quickly summarize the most popular personal loan applications.

The first five

At the top of the last Ranking of personal loan application providers is the reigning Silver Lion at No. 1 with its loan, savings and investment application. A change this time to # 2 is Loan tree, going up one place and exchanging with SoFi, which now occupies third place. Unchanged at No. 4 is the Before loan market application, with To improve stay up to date in the most recent top five.

The Top 10

As we look at the bottom half of the 10 best personal loan apps this month, the P2P lender Loan Club retains its relationship to card position # 6, while SalaryFlex is now at No. 7, having gained a place. The new n ° 8 of the Ranking of personal loan application providers is PaySense, losing a place, with the FinTech lender still as serious Serious take the n ° 9.

There is no # 10 on the last one Ranking of personal loan application providers, which in our opinion leaves room for someone else. Look for the next update to see which apps are ranking.



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