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Meris Shotton

Meris Shotton’s dedication as a caddy at the Prairie View Golf Club in Carmel has paid off.

The elder was recently one of 16 student caddies from Indiana to win a Western Golf Association Chick Evans Scholarship, a full four-year housing and tuition scholarship at the University of ‘Indiana or Purdue University. The scholarship is valued at approximately $ 120,000 over four years. Shotton plans to major in biology with a pre-med program at Indiana University.

“This scholarship really eases the heavy burden of student loans that I would have had to pay without this scholarship,” Shotton said. “The combination of college tuition and medical school fees would have been overwhelming. My mom is a physiotherapist and she once told me it took her 13 years to pay off her student loans. I am very grateful for this opportunity and will use it well.

Shotton started caddy in May 2018. His older brother Orion was previously a caddy.

“He told me it was a great summer job and that he really appreciated the experience it gave him,” Shotton said. “On this basis, I wanted to try it. Although I have been practicing the caddy for a while now, I have yet to start golfing. But that could change in the years to come when I think back to my shopping cart days.

“What I liked the most about the caddy was getting to know the people for whom I framed. It’s wonderful, and I’m happy to have these experiences to remember.

The four selection criteria are a strong cadet record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need and exceptional character. The shopping carts have gone through a virtual maintenance process.

Shotton has a GPA of 3.6 and a GPA of 4.0. One of his main activities is to attend the House of Martial Arts of Carmel for 11 years.

“I participate in mixed martial arts,” she said. “This includes Hawaiian kenpo, boxing, self-defense, judo and jiu-jitsu. In Hawaiian kenpo, I am a black belt. In jiu-jitsu, I have a blue belt with one stripe.

Shotton also attends a weekly youth group at Northview Church.

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