Williams-Sonoma Inc. to Double Fair Trade Premiums

San Francisco – Williams-Sonoma Inc. (WSI) aims to have 75% of its products meet one or more of its social and environmental goals by 2030, a commitment that represents $ 1 billion in product purchases per year .

In pursuit of this goal, the multi-brand home furnishings retailer announced new investments in the purchase of Nest Ethical Handcraft products and plans to double its investments in Fair Trade USA programs by 2025. WSI has become the first home retailer to offer Fair Trade certified products with the launch of a carpet factory in India. Today, there are 17 Fair Trade certified factories in five countries, impacting nearly 16,000 workers.

For every Fair Trade certified product sold, WSI pays a bonus that goes directly to workers who collectively decide how to spend the funds to improve their lives and that of their community. Workers invested premium funds in solar panels in homes to create light for their children to study, provided bulk purchases of basic foods and PPE to support workers during Covid-19, have built a clinic to provide health services to the whole community and more.

With the addition of the new Fair Trade Target, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. will have paid nearly $ 20 million in Fair Trade Bonuses since the partnership began in 2014.

“This kind of large-scale engagement is exactly the kind of leadership we need right now – for workers, for the environment and for conscious consumers who demand responsibility from brands today,” said Paul Rice, Founder and CEO of Fair Trade USA.

WSI’s partnership with Nest also began in 2014 by partnering with the development of the Ethical Craft Seal to ensure ethical production in craft supply chains. Four years later, WSI became the first retailer to offer products bearing the Nest Seal, and today WSI offers more than 400 ethically handcrafted products in its family of brands. These products are made in partnership with eight vendors who have earned the Nest Ethical Handicraft Label in four countries, impacting the lives of more than 3,600 artisans around the world.

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